The history of modular bracelets By Apoutine_Choux

It all started with the desire to modify an outfit to conserve the raw material.

After multiple exchanges, multiple modifications, Thefirstskinlatex arrives at this prototype.

It was an exciting, professional and very involved exchange.

Huflette, pressure tests in plastic, then in metal.

To finally arrive at the "cabbage bracelets".

Then on D-Day, delivered in a small white box with the logo.

I unpack it ... The color, the smell is all there.

I put them on my wrists ... Perfect size, comfortable to wear!

Then an idea, a perfect assembly to be worn in garter!

What a pleasure to discover several possibilities for these bracelets.

And as an idea never arrives alone ... Test number 3, a necklace, once again

perfect blend with endless possibilities of colors ...

There it is, the 3 in 1 cabbage bracelet.

I fell completely in love with this product!

Do not hesitate a second it will seduce you.


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